Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sally Hanson Nail Color Pen Review

I just bought this Sally Hanson Nail color pen. It claims that all you have to do is Click, Color & Go. I wanted to see for myself if this was going to be easier and faster way for me to paint my nails.I really don't like spending alot of time painting, fixing and waiting for my nails to dry. I like to be busy all of the time.
Here is a video of me using my new Sally Hanson Color Pen. I 

You need to shake well with cap on before you use it. Then remove cap and its says to press 5-7 times to start the flow. As you seen I had to press a few more times to get it flowing. I use 04 Hot Pink and it went on extremely easy! Wow a manicure in no time at all also there was no mess around my nails or on my table. With in minutes my nails were dry. I did purchase the Sally Hanson No More Mistakes manicure clean-up pen but I didn't need to use it with the nail color pen.
 I'm sold I will be buying more Sally Hanson Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pens!

This review was of my own free will.