Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crowdtap & Woolite Review

I had the opportunity through Crowdtap to sample and share Woolite laundry detergent. I received 10 samples that I gave to my friends & co-workers to try out.

I have always thought you only used Woolite to wash your delicate clothes and only in cold water. But that's not the case any longer Woolite everyday laundry detergent can be use on all your clothes brights, white and dark's. I did tried the sample product and I love the way my clothes looked when they came out. My brights were bright  even my workout clothes looked so much cleaner and even smelled fresh. I like that a lot! 

Woolite everyday detergent won't cause shrinkage or stretching it has that wonderful clean fresh scent. Then there is Woolite darks detergent that won't cause dulling fading or loss of shape this has a Midnight Breeze scent. My clothes now are always #Woolitewashed. 
Woolite is for standard and HE washers.

All my opinions are my own.