Monday, March 31, 2014

True Smooth Coolway Review

True Smooth Coolway
This is a new technology that allows you to avoid using the flat iron. The True Smooth contains Coolways groundbreaking Amino Lock MAB molecule which is activated by blow drying your hair.
 While your hair is still wet you spray anywhere from 25 to 50 sprays and then comb through and blow dry your hair.
I do tend to use my flat iron almost daily so a product that claims to eliminate having to use the flat iron is something I want to test out.

After I washed my hair I sprayed it down with the True Smooth then combed it through As you can see the before picture is showing my hair wet and ready for the blow dryer.
It did make blowing easier and a bit faster and my hair did come out a lot smoother but as you may see in the after picture some of my hair was dried out. One of the ingredients they use is alcohol and that is no good on my hair as my hair is dry to begin with and alcohol makes it worst.

Before                 After
This product isn't for me but I would recommend it to my family and friends.
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 I received the product for review courtesy of All the opinions are my own