Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Love for Influenster

I Love Freebies & Influenster!

I have been an Influenster for several years but only the last year been engaging in the activities. I see I have missed out on many great voxboxes. 
I have been in several voxbox campaigns and when my box arrives I'm like a kid on christmas morning so Excited to open that bright color box and see all the goodies inside lol.
I really love that Influenster gives you some full size products. I believe with some products they need to be to full size in order to fully test to give a better opinion and review.

 My favorite was the #modavoxbox. It contained Puffs tissues, three Rimmel makeup products, Resource Spring Water, Jergens lotion, Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa, two coupons and Hair Food. 

Almost all these product I use daily.
 I didn't know that Puffs had a new softpack design. What a great idea this softpack fits into spaces better and its easier to #passthepuffs.
 I get to learn about new and improved products through Influenster give my opinions and read what others are saying.
There are so many wonderful brands  that I don't get to buy this is a great way to try them for free. 
Voxboxes can be filled with beauty, fashion, foods, lifestyle and entertainment products. There is something for everyone to love. 
The pictures below are some products my teenage son and I  love. The  Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne system is what my son is happy about.

There are ways to earn voxbox badges, brand badges and vox perks that can get you a spot into new voxboxes and win you brand products.
 I Love doing these tasks getting my badges and trying to win contests. 
Some tasks ask you to post on your social media Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I take lots of pictures which is my favorite task. I like to let my creativity flow through my pictures. I make new friends and gain many followers that love my Influenster posts.

My family, friends and co-workers love that I share my opinions and free samples with them. They call me the "Freebie Lady".
I have downloaded the new Influenster app on my iPad. I must say I love it!
The new app makes it easier to browse, discover, review and search for products. I love that the layout is user friendly. 
Influenster is absolutely amazing!!
 I'm so happy to be an Influenster and you can be too.

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