Sunday, September 29, 2013

“The Middle-Complete Season Three” Giveaway

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Proudly Bring you "The Middle" Season 3 DVD Set

One Winner will receive:
1- 3 DVD Box Set of "The Middle- Complete Season 3"

Warner Brother Home Entertainment is releasing the quirky
misadventures of one of the Heartland's most hilarious families,
the Hecks,  in the sitcom hit, The Middle. The 3 DVD Collection
that covers all of Season Three, will be available on October 8.
This collection features 24 hilarious half-hour episodes plus bonus
features including a laugh-out-loud gag reel and deleted scenes.

In Season Three of The Middle, the Hecks continue to tackle all the
craziness of everyday life from new boyfriends and failed cheerleader
tryouts to school projects and night vision goggles? The kids create
situations, Mike (Neil Flynn, Scrubs) make them worse, and Frankie
(Patricia Heaton, Everybody Loves Raymond) does her best to keep
everybody functioning as a family. Prom, Thanksgiving, and even an
unexpected wedding all set stage for the third season of this uniquely
hilarious program.

The Middle brings family experiences that we all can relate to in either raising
our Children now or while growing up our self's.This unique collection of Season
3 will leave you laughing for hours on end. The best thing of all is it is a TV Series
that your entire family can set down and watch together without have to worry about
turning off the TV in the middle of a scene that would be offensive for your children to
view. My family set down and watched this collection and truly had a great time laughing
and enjoying a TV Series that everyone enjoyed. This collection is one that you will enjoy
watching over and over again.

Featured Episodes:

Forced Family Fun Part 1 & 2, Hecking Order, Major Changes
The Test, Bad Choices, Halloween II, Heck's Best Thing, The Play,
Thanksgiving III, A Christmas Gift, Year of The Hecks, The Map,
Hecking it Up, Valentine's Day III, The Concert, The Sit Down,
Leap Year, The Paper Route, Get Your Business Done, The Clover,
The Guidance Counselor, The Telling, The Wedding.


A big thank you to Warner Brothers Home Entertainment and 
Lippon Group for sponsoring this giveaway.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated by

This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States, entrants
must be 18+ years old to enter. Holiday Contest and Sweeps received
a copy of the DVD Collection as compensation for this review/giveaway.
This giveaway will end on 10/15/2013.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

L'oreal Blonde Moment Giveaway

                                                  My favorite brand of hair color is L'oreal !!
I have used many different brands and I'm most happy with L'oreal I love the way it colors and cover up all my gray hairs shhh  please don't tell anyone I had gray hair lol.
During this past summer I had my blonde moments. You know the day when you wake up and want to be blonde like Jennifer Aniston. I really was very happy the color and my new look.

So if you have that blonde moment then you should enter my L'oreal giveaway. Below are the two products I'm giving as prizes.

This shade is LB02 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Natural)

8G Medium Golden Blonde (warmer)
                      There will be two winners Enter through rafflecopter below. Good Luck!
I was not asked or compensated with L'oreal to do this review/giveaway I bought these products.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Haunted Halloween Giveaway

  Happy Haunted Halloween

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Second & Third Place Prize Packages:

By far, Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate on. I remember
from being 6 years old wanting to stay home and make our house more
spooky looking other than going out trick or treating. Well lets just say
some 40 plus years later, things have not changed, I still get a scary ghost
or skeleton added in somewhere on Halloween. This giveaway will bring both
the scary and the treats to the winner and a little added spook for the runner
up prizes.

Plow & Hearth. being the excellent sponsor they are, have added the leader of
scares to this collection with their Motion Activated Halloween Mummy with sound.
This is by far the coolest Halloween decoration I have ever seen.  You can either
sit it in a chair to great your trick or treaters or you can hang him from a tree.

It's motion-activated Mummy's head will surprise each visitor with a variety
of haunting phrases that will have them talking about it to all their friends as
he comes alive upon their visit to your house this Halloween. So head on over
to Plow & Hearth and order yours to have a terrific Halloween experience
with all .

Plow & Hearth
Motion Activated Halloween Mummy with Sound

Our life-size Motion-Activated Mummy With Sound steals the show at Halloween. When unsuspecting Halloween visitors arrive, he startles them by coming to life. 

Our Motion-Activated Mummy's head and jaw move as he delivers a variety of frightening phrases. With his skull face, bulging eyes and raggedy clothing remains, he makes a frightful sight on or off. 

Life-size wire frame in poly/cotton shredded rags make the details. Wonderfully wicked and sure to surprise! 

• Motion-activated mummy Halloween accent

• Life-size Halloween d├ęcor with motion and sound
• Mummy talks while moving its head and jaw
• A great way to greet guest and spook the crowd
• Takes 3 AA batteries 
Our life-size Motion-Activated Mummy With Sound steals the show at Halloween. When unsuspecting 


Motion-Activated Mummy Looks And Sounds Ghastly

Mark Feldstein and Associates, Inc 

Flameless LED Hanging Lantern in Spider Web w/Timer

 Looking for those special Halloween decorations that need no flames to
keep them bright. Then this Lantern and Tea Lights from Mark Feldstein and Assoc.
have just what your looking for. I can't remember how may times that I would
have to keep re-lighting our pumpkins when our kids were small on Halloween.
One of the biggest concerns we had were that they were going to get burnt from
the flames or hot melting wax that regular candles would produce. Being a Grandfather
of 7 beautiful Grandchildren, their safety comes #1 and these candles in the LED Hanging
Lantern or Tea Lights both provide.

Light your porch, deck or home for Halloween with this festive indoor/outdoor lantern that can be hung or stand alone. Lantern features an LED Flameless Candle that provides a beautiful glow without the hazards of an open flame or melting wax. The ornate design of the lantern allows the light to shine through. Spooky spider design is perfect for this fun holiday. As an added bonus, the lantern includes a manual on/off timer that turns the candle on at the same time everyday for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use! Requires 3 AAA batteries. Safe for kids and pets -- no flame. 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" -- Hang or Stand Alone. Black Metal Lantern w/ spiders and web cutouts.

Along With


Scatter these Orange & Black LED Tea Lights around any room during the Halloween season to brighten up the spooky festivities. Features a safe LED light source that flickers and glows like a traditional tea light – minus the hazards caused by an open flame or dripping wax. These are excellent to provide that little extra touch of spooky on Halloween night along
with a big touch of safety at the same time.

Trick or Trees Treat Box

It’s our very best packed into our new Trick or Trees design Snacker’s Choice Box. You’ll find a clear canister of S’Mores Corn, along with bags of Cheese, White Cheddar and Caramel Corn.  After the gourmet popcorn experience, you can dive into Dry Roast Peanuts, Pixies® Mini Halloween Hostess Pretzels, Candy Corn Taffy, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Monster Mash Jelly Belly® Beans and Sour Gummi Pumpkins.

This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States Only.
The Giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST) 10/10. Entrant must
be 18+ to enter.

This giveaway is in no way associated, affiliated or endorsed by Facebook

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received samples of the Plow & Hearth Mummy
and The Lantern & Tea Lights from Mark Feldstein and Associates to review
and keep for this giveaway. Each sponsor will be responsible to awarding and
shipping of each of their prizes to the winner direct.

Happy Halloween To All!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eclos "Dare To Be Bare" 2 Week Challenge Review

Hello, I took the "Dare To Be Bare" 2 week challenge through a Klout Perk I got free.
 I received  three Freeman Eclos products to use during this challenge.

 Let me tell you a little about this product.
"The Eclos uses Apple Stem Cell technology from a rare swiss apple that has been harvested since the 1800's . They say this apple helps maintain longevity in both life and nutrient value and helps control the sign of aging skin".

During this 2 week challenge this was my routine..
I started with the Eclos am + pm skin prep cleaner I used this twice daily in the morning before I did my daily makeup routine and in the evening to take off my makeup. I really love this cleaner it took off all my makeup without leaving my skin over dry or tight. I really like the container that this prep cleaner comes in. It so easy to pump the prep cleaner into your hands as oppose to trying to open a flip cap with wet hands.

Next I applied the Eclos am + pm Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream again twice daily. This cream is a rich medium weight moisturizer that helps smooth and brighten your skin and that's exactly what it does. My face looks really fresh and brighter. It has a great scent and I do believe that it also reduced the appearance of my fine line wrinkles. I'm super happy about that! We all want to fight the signs of aging.

Lastly I used the Eclos Daily Hydra Primer SPF 30 only in the morning before applying my makeup. This is actually a great Primer to use. This Primer helped to even out my skin tone and minimized my fine lines. My makeup looked so flawless when I used this Hydra Primer daily.I haven't used any other primer more then I have this.

This blended into my skin beautifully.

I'm happy that I was given this opportunity to take this "Dare To Be Bare" 2 week challenge.
 Here is my after picture I'm excited to tell you that my skin hasn't looked this great in a long time. Sorry I don't have the before pictures but you can find them on my Instagram page by clicking here pbkup 
If you want to see more twitter  posts check out this hash tag  #eclosgobare

My opinions are my own. I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the products or company.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

RYOBI 40 Volt Cordless Chainsaw Giveaway

with the help of a group of amazing blogs shown
below, brings you this terrific event just in time for
the Fall cleanup. This will be a great deal easier for
the lucky winner of this event using the Ryobi Cordless

RYOBI 40 Volt Cordless Chainsaw Giveaway

The masterful company of RYOBI has been kind enough to provide 
this amazing chainsaw to one lucky winner of this giveaway. I had
the experience of reviewing and trying out this product and I defiantly
give it 5 stars. With fall coming this is the only tool you will need when
cutting down or trimming small branches or trees.It easily cut down
branches 3-4 inches in diameter with ease. There is no need to use force
when cutting, just set back and let the chainsaw do the work for you. 

After cutting 10 3-4 inches in diameter branches, I also easily cut through
some larger branches around 6 or 7 inches in diameter with no problem. After
all this work you would think the battery had to be almost dead, well that
is far from the truth. The Lithium Battery still had half of it charge left to go
as well as the oil was at the same stage. One of the amazing things about 
this saw is it is very quiet and light to carry. Other saws would have woke
up the entire neighborhood, not only that, your arms would have been sore 
from using a heavier gas machine or tugging around a extension cord from
the corded models. I love the tool less chain tensioning feature that makes
adjustments a breeze

If your looking to cut downs large tree that belong in a forest than this saw is
not for you. But if you want a tool that starts in a second every time and is capable
of cleaning and trimming up small to medium branches around your house then
this should be the only chainsaw you will ever need for these purposes.

Ryobi takes cordless technology to the next level with the new 40V Lithium-ion Outdoor Series. Designed for the perfect marriage of Power and Convenience, this chainsaw is powered by a 40V Lithium-ion battery. That means fade-free performance, maximum power, and maximum run time. All backed by a 3 year warranty. The Ryobi 40V Lithium-ion Chainsaw gives you a great reason to enter the Cordless Age.
No more having to stretch extension cords across your yard or worry about running out of gas with this
top of the line chainsaw.

40V Lithium-Ion battery 
Quick charger fully charges your battery in less than 2 hours 
12 in. bar and chain 
Tool-less chain tensioning for simple adjustments

RYOBI 40510 Chainsaw Information Video


Instant Starting, and clean running - with no gas or oil required

Automatic oilier system and a tool-less chain tensioning system for quick and fast
chain adjustments

Wrap around-handle and 12" Bar

Ideal for quick clean up jobs and heavy pruning

EASY Grip handle and Guard

~A Big Thank you to RYOBI for their Sponsorship~

Holiday Contest and Sweeps Proudly Brought you this Giveaway
with the the help of these amazing blogs and sites.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or associated
with Facebook 

This Giveaway will end on 12:00 AM October 5,2013

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a RYOBI  Chainsaw
to review and keep. RYOBI will be responsible for the awarding
and shipping of the prize. Winner will have 48 hrs after receiving
the prize notification email, failure to do so will result in another
winner to be drawn.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gift Card Rescue End Of Summer Giveaway

Gift Card Rescue 
End Of Summer Giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Proudly Brings you the Gift Card Rescue Review and Giveaway

1 - Winner will  receive a $50  Kohl's Gift Card

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is honored to have the opportunity to
offer you a review and giveaway from Gift Card Rescue. If you
have gift cards laying around or in your wallet that you never use
and still has monetary value on them, then turn them into cash or
trade them in for a gift card that you will actually use at over 
350 merchants to choose from.


Gift Card Rescue pays consumers up to 90% cash back for your gift 
cards that are not being used. There is no sense to let these cards
collect dust when you can cash them in. On the other hand if you
looking to purchase a gift card there is no other place that you will
find a better deal than Gift Card Rescue.

It is very simple to use Gift Card Rescue, you simply log into their 
website. Navigate yourself to the quote section and find out what
the trade in value of your card is. Once you agree to the transaction
you simply place your card in a sturdy envelope via first class mail 
through the United States Postal Service. Be sure to include your
transaction reference number with the card. Also have the USPS
include a tracking receipt with your card so that you can track it's
progress until delivered, this will cost you only around eighty five 

Gift Card Rescue will receive your card and then verify the value
of it. Once this is completed they will send you a check within two
business day. You will receive your check via the USPS first class mail
within five business days after mailing. The great thing is they guarantee
all transactions and is backed by the best customer support team in the
 Gift Card Rescue is as simple as 1,2,3.

I would recommend this site to my family and friends any day,
but listen below to one of their many satisfied customers

A Big Thank you to our Sponsor!
Gift Card Rescue

This giveaway is no way endorsed, affiliated or associated with

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any compensation for holding
this giveaway in any way. GiftCardRescue is responsible for the awarding
and shipping of the prize to the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to reply 
to the prize notification email, failure to do so will result in another winner to
be drawn.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

“Let’s Give Sport’s A Chance” Giveaway

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Proudly Bring You

"Let's Lend A Helping Hand"

We all know in today's economy that Sport's seems to be one of the
first thing that is cut in our School's budgets, or the price for equipment is
out of reach for most families. Not only in School, our Children don't have
the means to to play sport's on their own after school any more due to the
lack of equipment. Well due to the tremendous generosity of some amazing
sponsors in  this giveaway we will hopefully put a few smiles on those Children
as the sound of a bat cracking against a incoming baseball, the swoosh of  a new
basketball falling through a hoop or the catch of a perfectly thrown football to them
down field.will once again be possible.

If you have a child that could use help in obtaining sporting equipment in this years
games or just want to see them off the streets and enjoying themselves with friends
playing catch, basketball, football or which ever than this is a giveaway for you to
enter. Even if your not a parent and know a deserving child, then enter in hopes you
can when one of these amazing prizes for them. Also, as a treat to our lucky parent,
Bulu Box is giving them a $50 Gift Card (5-Month Subscription) to their amazing
monthly box subscription of Vitamins and other Health Products.

Grand Prize Package:

1- $75 Walmart Gift Card
1- $50 Bulu Box Gift Card
1 - Wilson NCAA 1005 Football
1 - Spalding All Court Volleyball
1 - Spalding TF-1000 Official Classic Basketball
1 - Brine Phantom Soccer Ball

3- Runner-Ups 

Each Win a Spalding All Conference NBA Basketball

Prize Descriptions:

$75 Walmart Gift Card to Choose any extra items courtesy of Ergo Chef,
The World Leader in Cutlery. Visit them today at 

$50 Gift Card

BA433P Wilson NCAA 1005 Football
Premium selected cowhide game ball. "Small" pattern for easier gripping and throwing.  Lock stitched construction, double leather laces, triple lining. NFHS approved.

BA109P Spalding All-Court Volleyball
The ALL COURT provides indoor durability, playability, and superior air pressure retention. Composite cover delivers leather-like performance. 100% nylon winding construction retains a consistent ball shape from touch to touch and a 100% Butyl bladder provides maximum air pressure retention with excellent feel and control. Recommended for recreational Indoor play.

BA642P Spalding TF-1000 Classic Basketball - Official
Exclusive ZK microfiber composite cover material for a soft touch and dry tack feel. Heritage wide channel engineered for instant channel recognition. 100% nylon windings for maximum structural integrity. Rotationally balanced butyl bladder for ultimate air retention. NFHS Approved.

BA896P Brine Phantom Soccer Ball
High quality PU cover for long lasting play. Exclusive Air Tech bladder for maximum air retention. NCAA and NFHS approved. Black & White.

3 - Spalding NBA All Conference Basketballs

The Spalding NBA All Conference Basketball is designed for indoor or outdoor play and is the official NBA size and weight. Its traditional PU composite leather provides excellent grip, whether you're playing at the gym, or on the blacktop. The new and improved cover provides better bounce and grip, which enhances every part of your game!


  • Traditional PU composite cover
  • Official NBA size and weight
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor play
  • Size: 28.5"
A Huge Thank you to all of our Sponsors:

This Giveaway will end on 12:00 AM (EST) 9/30 and is Valid
in the Continental United States Only. Entrants be be 18+ of
age to enter.

This Giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated 
with Facebook.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any type of compensation
for holding this giveaway. This is a multi-sponsor event in which each is
responsible for awarding and shipping their prizes directly to the winners.
Winners will have48 hours to reply to the prize notification email, failure
to do so will result in another winner to be drawn.

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