Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Always Radiant Pads Review

My go to brand of pads have been Always
So I was excited to try out these new always radiant pads.
This free sample box came with 15 pads.

I love having the protection I need throughout my day without any worries that I'm going to have a leakage issue.

The always radiant are made with FlexFoam it is soft  and makes them easy to move with you. These give you 100% leak-free protection and absorbs 10x it's weight up to 8 hours a day. 

These have a printed design on the pad of flowers. The center of pad has these small holes which lets you breathe and stay fresher longer. I like that they have wings. I don't ever buy pads without wings because I need the added protection they give you.
I had the freedom to wear what I wanted during that time of month.

I love the wrapper its bright, colorful and fun.

I received these to test and review through  Crowdtap.
 All opinions are my own.