Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Influenster Vitality VoxBox Review

I was super excited to get into this Influenster Vitality VoxBox. It was filled with many great products for me to test out.

I really loved all the products in this box. 

Pure Leaf unsweetened tea has the fresh taste that you can only get from fresh brewed tea. It contains no added colors, preservatives, is sugar and sodium free. There is zero calories and it doesn't get any better than that. #loveofleaves

First Degree Burn Cream because #BurnsHappen I have this happen to me a lot with cooking and hair appliances but since I have received this product I haven't been burned. I would say thats a good thing. If I do this burn cream will help cool those burns and protect against infections. I usually end up with a scar and First Degree burn cream will help deduce the appearance of scars. 

Playtex Sport Tampons Does your busy lifestyle stop during that time on month? Well now it doesn't have to stop. You to can #PlayOn with the 360 degree of protection you get from Playtex Sport tampons and you also get odor shield protection. I liked that the applicator is comfortable to use and the FlexFit has interlocking fibers to help stop leaks.

Bikini Ready Gummies Using this product helped me power through my Insanity workouts when I was losing steam. They increased my energy and gave my metabolism a boost to help me burn more fat. Easy to take they are chewable no swallowing or water needed. They come in different flavors. You take five daily or as directed by your doctor. #BikiniReadyLifestyle

Softlips Cube What a adorable package this comes in.  After the first week out using my Softlips cube my lips were so much softer and more kissable. Softlips applied smoothly lasted for hours gave my lips a great shine and the sunscreen SPF 15 helped to protect my lips. The scent I received was Vanilla Bean what an awesome smell. #GetCubed

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future I love this caplet serum My skin appears to be brighter and soft only after a few uses. It applied smooth is lightweight and has a light scent. I used this twice daily morning under my makeup and before bed. I didn't have any irritation. When I did apply this it was a bit sticky at first but disappeared after a few minutes. #FlawlessFuture

 I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Whats my Secret Weapon to a #BikiniReadyLifestyle

 I received a full size free sample of Bikini Ready Gummies  from @Influenster  #VitalityVoxBox. This couldn't have come at better time  as I was into my first month of Insanity workout and losing steam trying to keep up with my workouts. 
I started using Bikini Ready gummies that same week I received them. You take five gummies daily or as directed by your doctor. 
They come in great flavors and are easy to take you just chew them no water or swallowing. I liked that they didn't leave me feeling shaky or make my heart race as some energy products do.
I had more energy when I took these to power through my crazy workouts and I do think that it also boosted my metabolism a lot which helped me to burn more fat. 
The only con about this product was it left an aftertaste that I didn't like.

All opinions are my own I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Kingsford Crew BBQ

What a great Kingsford BBQ party I had! It was a total blast thanks to Crowdtap  I was chosen to host a Tailgate Pre-Game Party to show my support for our troops on August 30, 2014.
 In my party package posted in  the picture above I received a apron one coupon for a free bag of Kingsford charcoal and a  Fire & Smoke recipe cookbook by Chris Lilly.
I had a total of fifteen guess that included my husband and I.

We had a nice BBQ party table set up for our foods, I added some red, white and blue ribbons to show our support our troops.

My job was to prepare the foods for our BBQ. I chose two recipes from the Fire & Smoke cookbook.
We made the Seasoned Mustard Drumsticks with Peach Molasses Glaze the flavor of these drumsticks were very tasty and went fast there were no leftovers. The second recipe we made was the Grilled Brick Panini with Smoked Gouda sweet bacon and caramelized onions.
These two recipes were a BIG hit with all of our guess. I would be making these two again.

My husbands job was to BBQ with Kingsford charcoal and he did a great job! 
He who holds the spatula is king.
  The chef behind the grill is wearing his new Kingsford apron and giving our troops a salute #TailgateForOurTroops

Here are a few pictures of our guess enjoying the good food sunshine and laughter. Also supporting our troops.

You can see more Crowdtapper who were chosen to host this awesome Tailgating BBQ party by checking out the hashtags #TailgateForOurTroops & #Kingsford on Instagram, Facebook Twitter and or Tumbler. 
I received this package from Crowdtap a #FreeSample to host this Tailgate Pre-Game Party for my honest opinions which our my own.