Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stayfree Review

Stayfree Ultra Thin
I received a 18 count package of Stayfree Ultra Thin pads through Crowtap to test and review.

I have used Stayfree in the past but that was a few years ago. I have been using only one brand since than.
I must say I'm impressed with this new improved product.

Stayfree incorporated a Thermocontrol Technology that was inspired by high performance athletic fabrics. What is does is to quickly pull moisture away from your body and allow air circulation.

 This makes a big difference to me I feel so much fresher. I love the flexible fit design it has this moves with you not against you so it makes being active easier and I have more confidence. 
I am happy that I got chosen to test Stayfree and have and will continue letting my family and friends know about this product.

Going on now through March 12, 2015 if you purchase Stayfree you can get a free 30 day subscription to My Yoga Gaiam TV