Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scott Naturals Toss the Tube Review

Have you heard about Scott Naturals Tube-Free TP?
They tossed the tube and now are a bit greener!
There are well over 17 billion TP tubes being thrown away each year wow how crazy is that?! 

I tried this product out and I didn't miss the tube in fact it made my life easier at the end because I was not fighting with the last bit of toilet paper on the roll I used every bit of the toilet paper.
 No waste!
I believe we have to look to our children future and the planet. We need to find every little way to be greener and stop filling up the landfills.
With Scott Naturals tube-free toilet paper this can be done and its easy no recycling required. On the plus side Scott Naturals TP is still the same great product! 

Looked I tossed the tubes too and you can too. You can checkout the hashtags #Sponsored #TosstheTube & #SimplyScottSquad on social media websites.

I received these through Crowdtap Sample and Sample for testing. All opinions are my own. 

Mary Kay's Clear Proof Ance System Review

My teenage son tested the Mary Kay's Clear Proof Acne System.
It said he really liked the Clear Proof Clarifying Gel. He liked that it really cleaned his skin and made it look and feel better.
It did dry out his skin a bit in the beginning but after the first week it wasn't drying his skin out.
It was easy to use this four product  system and each product worked better when used altogether.

Above is my sons before and after pictures. You can see in the before picture he has acne on all over his face and his skin is red. The after picture his skin isn't red and he hardly has any acne. I think his complexion looks awesome. 

Clarifying Gel

Blemish Control Toner

Oil Free Moisturizer 

Acne Treatment Gel

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes
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