Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ragu Sauce Review

Ragu sample and share through Crowdtap was a hit at my house! 
Did you notice Ragu label has changed? They went with more yellow and it still has the same great taste.

I received one coupon for a free jar of Ragu. I choose Ragu  Chunky Garden Combination. I love the big chunky of vegetables. 
I checked out Ragu's pinterest page for ideas on what to cooked for my sample product. They really have so many to choose from and they all look so delicious. I decided to make Meatball and Sausage sandwiches. 

I used the Ragu recipe for my meatballs which I only needed two ingredients Italian bread crumbs and eggs mix well and form into balls. I then cut up the Italian sausage place them onto a oven pan and baked at 475 until brown on both sides. In my crock pot I put in my Ragu Chunky sauce anded the meatballs and sausage and cooked it all day on low. 

We put the meatballs and sausage on hard rolls with some cheese. Dinner was a big hit. It was very flavorful with a fresh taste of vegetables. We use Ragu sauce in our recipes almost every week.
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These opinions are my own and I received this free sample from Crowdtap