Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Viva Vantage Review

I received four free samples of Viva Vantage through Crowdtap.
 Three rolls of Viva Vantage I gave to friends who also tested and compared to the brand they most often use. 
This is the first time I have ever used Viva paper towels of any kind. After I took the #Breakup4Better challenge I have made the switch from my store brand which couldn't stand up to Viva Vantage. I love the V- Flex weave it made the paper towel much stronger and made clean ups easier. I didn't need to use more then one paper towel to clean up messes as with the store brand I was using three or four paper towels to do the same job. I will be saving time and money now that my new brand of paper towels is Viva Vantage! You can find out what others have posted about the New Viva Vantage by checking out these two hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #TeamVivaVantage & #Breakup4Better 

These opinions are my own.