Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week #7

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week #7
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Proudly Brings you Week #7 of Holiday Surprises Giveaways

Grand Prize Package:
1 - Ryobi 40 volt Lithium Cordless Blower
1 - Ergo Chef Prodigy 5 Piece Knife Set
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Silver
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Gold

Second & Third Place:
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Silver
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Gold

RYOBI takes Cordless to the next level with the 40-Volt Lithium-ion Blower. With a 40-Volt battery pack, this blower delivers longer run-time, fade-free power and quick charging. Specially engineered for hard surfaces and smaller yards, this blower features a variable speed trigger for adjustable power and a quick charger that does the job in less than 2 hours so you’re always just one charge away from a perfectly tidy outdoor living space. All backed by a 3 year warranty, there’s never been a better time to consider Cordless.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out this Ryobi Blower and it performance 
was outstanding. The power behind the lithium-ion battery performed better
than the old electric blower that I own. The light weight of the blower minus having
to worry about pulling a extension cord behind you was much easier on my back. It
usually took me around a hour and a half to completely take care of my entire yard
but with the Ryobi Cordless Blower I was done in less than a hour without even stopping
to recharge the battery. When I was finished with my yard my neighbor was amazed
with this cordless blower and asked if  he could use it on his front yard, I told him I wasn't
sure how much more the battery could go since I had just cleaned up my entire front and
back yard. Well to our amazement, the Ryobi Cordless Blower powered through his stack
of leaves and twigs that had collected in his yard with no problem what so ever.

The variable speed trigger made cleaning up a ease by being able to have more power
available at your finger tips if necessary, while using less for those area's that didn't
need as much power to clear. Before when I would use my old electric blower my
wrist would ache for hours after the stress the handle would put on them. This wasn't
the case with the Ryobi, since the handle is ergonomically designed for easy one handed
operation. One great feature is that the nozzle is tapered making it easy to remove those
stubborn areas that a normal blower was just leave. I give this blower 5 stars and plan
to buy both my sons one for Christmas for their homes.

This Prodigy Series Commercial 5 piece was designed for the professional
and home cook who shop for the exceptional value and want a reliable
knife set without spending a bundle. Designed for ergonomic comfort and
precision. The blades are crafted from high carbon stainless steel and have
a 18 degree cutting edge so that they can slice, chop or carve up any food
product that you need. The handles are seamlessly molded to prevent bacteria
issues and provide a non slip grip for precise control and safety. This knife set
includes the following: 8" Chef knife, 8" Bread knife (Offset), 7" Santuko knife,
6" Boning knife, and a 4" Paring knife. Enjoy preparing meals with the Prodigy Series.

I have had the pleasure of using this knife set and I can truthfully tell you it is made
of quality material and expertly designed. After suffering from Carpal Tunnel in my
wrist for years I always dreaded the thought of preparing meals due to the pain I
would have in my wrist afterwards from using our old store bought knife set that
had a hard time slicing butter more less meats. The first time I used these, I  went
over to our drawer and took out our old knifes and threw them away. With this set
of knifes it is now a pleasure preparing a meal for my family. Chopping up vegetables
with the 7" Santuko knife takes no time at all and the best part is I have no pain in
my wrist now due to the Prodigy's ergonomic designed handles. I give this set 5 Stars
any day of the week.