Monday, June 27, 2016

Hosted a Tryazon Game Night

I was selected to host a Tryazon Game Night Party.
I received three games Turtle Flip, Monkeys Up and PongCano.
Two games are for ages 6+ two to four players. And the other was age 8+

The first game the kids wanted to play with was the PongCano. They were excited to see the volcano and lava coming down the sides. It was very eye appealing to them.
This game had easy instructions. You gave out all the coins evenly to players and you try to bounce the ball into the volcano. If you miss you add a coin into the volcano and its next players turn. To win the game the you have to collect all the coins. If all coins are in volcano and players keep missing bouncing ball into volcano then it keeps going to someone wins. 
This game was very long as kids had a hard time bouncing it in. Out of all the games the kids seem to love this one the best.

The next game that was played was Turtle Flip. It's like a memory game which I really liked. The kids tried to help one another. This was easy to set up and to understand the object. 

The last game was Monkeys Up. Once again this game is easy to understand and set up. This is more of a learning math game which the kids had no idea. Object is to get the best score by switching, flipping and stealing monkeys. The kids got a kick out of stealing monkeys. 

These games are fun for the kids as also a learning experience.
You can find these games here at RoosterFin 
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lovin' My New 2016 Fuego Grill + Review

2016 Fuego Element F21C Carbon Steel Propane

My husband and I were looking online for a new grill. As the last one we bought a few years ago just isn't working very well and already falling apart. The cooking area is rusted and has deterioration. With so many brands and different styles we didn't know which one to choose.
I entered a contest on Instagram  through Adam Gertler page who was helping Fuego Grill promote a giveaway and I won the grill!
 I was excited. I won the New 2016 Fuego Grill.
I thought well this wasn't what we were looking for in a grill and maybe we still need to buy a one. When we received this my husband put it together and he said "It was really easy he had no problems" I was happy about that because he gets mad when its not easy. lol

This grill is sleek, stylish and  can fit into just about any space in your yard, porch or deck. Its not huge and its easy to move as it has four wheels and two of the wheels have locks so it doesn't move. 

I love that the propane tank sits under the grill in a cage. The cage is easy to open and it has a magnetic lock to keep is closed.

This is the Duel Zone Burners. You have Zone 1 and Zone 2 cooking area. 
Zone 1 is the large outer ring. This cooks the food through indirect heat. Which means it cooks more slowly. This is good for ribs, roasts and hot dogs.
 Zone 2 is direct heat for burgers, pizza, poultry and seafood. I love this feature. Your foods will cook faster than than most grills.

Diffuser Panel

Here is the best part of the Fuego Grill "The Cast iron Grate"! I love cooking on cast iron. This is the Best grill I have ever grilled on. I have used this many times already and I have no issues which is a big surprise as I have issues with other grills I owned. 
The cooking area is big. You can cook about 10 to 12 burgers at once. The grill reaches 500 degrees in 5 minutes with a range of 250 to 650. The lid is light weight contains a thermometer and you can attach the lid to the  grill handles so you have free hands to cook. 
The ignition button starts the grill easily push once and you have fire. 
It contain a Residue tray that can be easily cleaned by hand with soap and water. The Cast iron grate is cleaned by cooking at high temperature for about 5 minutes to burn away any foods and grease left behind. If it needs more cleaning you can use a mixture of salt and vegetable oil and rinse with hot water and dry over low heat completely. Here is a tip Do apply a thin layer of vegetable oil after each use.

I'm Grilling

Pork Steaks

Italian Sausage

Grilled Zucchini
If I saw this when shopping online I might have not looked at it. Only because when I think of a grill I see a big rectangle grill. 
I'm so very happy to have won this and I won't be shopping for another one. The company sent a grill cover and I was happy with that as you should keep your grill covered when not in use.

Grill Cover

This is definitely the bomb.
 If you are considering on buying a grill this would be a great choice. I highly recommend this to all my friends, family, co-workers and everyone else.
You can check Fuego out on social media Facebook TwitterInstagram and their Blog
All opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 5, 2016



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