Monday, October 7, 2013

NYX Shine Killer Review

I bought this product because it had the words "Shine Killer"
 It was a product I have been looking for a product that would take way that oily shine I had on my nose and hide it. I read the box and looked at the before and after picture, I dislike having my nose look shiny while the rest of my face looks great. My oily nose really stand out during the summer months.

I used the NYX shine killer twice and the claim that it will eliminate that oily shine is false!! This product doesn't stand up to what it claims to do.

                                               If you look at the tip of my nose its shiny.

I will still continue to use this a primer it goes on silky smooth.
 So I'm off to find a product that will  but not sure if I will find one.

Thees opinions are my own. I was not compensate by NYX do do this review in any way.