Friday, September 6, 2013

Protection Plans For Your Phone & Tablet

Protecting your cell phone as well as your wallet In 2011, the number of wireless devices in use exceeded the entire population of the United States. It is safe to say we are obsessed with our cell phones. We don’t leave home without them and thanks to social media, we check them constantly. Many today are even canceling their traditional “land line” phone in lieu of using their cell phone full time. Most importantly, we have grown completely reliant on our phones holding every piece of important information in our lives – and that can mean lots of trouble if it is lost or stolen. Replacing a cell phone can be incredibly costly. Not only will you need to purchase a new phone, more than likely at the list price, but all your stored data is now at the fingertips of the person who stole your phone or finds it in the back of the cab where you left it. Depending on how many passwords or auto-logins you have saved, that could mean access to anything from your email to your bank account. And most of us don’t even think about using a locking password to gain access to your phone. So what happens if you either damage or lose you phone or worse yet, it is stolen? Where do you start? Well, you can go to your carrier and plead your case and see if you can get a replacement phone at some kind of reduced price. If that doesn’t work, you can even try going to the manufacturer, but you will probably not get far that way either. Plus, that does nothing for your data and accounts. That’s why you should look at something beyond traditional cell phone insurance or coverage from a company like ProtectCELL. In addition to covering the hardware, it is important to look at protecting what is inside your cell phone. Find out about options like the ability to lock your phone out completely or getting identity theft protection in addition to hardware coverage. By purchasing coverage from ProtectCELL, you can have all these options as part of your plan as well as even a buy back program. No matter what happens to your phone – you can be confident that your phone will be replaced as needed. They are a 2013 gold Stevie Award Winner for sales and customer service, so you know you will have great support if something goes wrong with your phone. There are few pieces of technology we rely on more heavily today than our cell phones. If something goes wrong with your phone, however, you will be in big trouble. By purchasing a comprehensive insurance protection, for your phone you are ensuring you will never be without your phone. Make sure you check ProtectCELL coverage out.

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