Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scott Naturals Toss the Tube Review

Have you heard about Scott Naturals Tube-Free TP?
They tossed the tube and now are a bit greener!
There are well over 17 billion TP tubes being thrown away each year wow how crazy is that?! 

I tried this product out and I didn't miss the tube in fact it made my life easier at the end because I was not fighting with the last bit of toilet paper on the roll I used every bit of the toilet paper.
 No waste!
I believe we have to look to our children future and the planet. We need to find every little way to be greener and stop filling up the landfills.
With Scott Naturals tube-free toilet paper this can be done and its easy no recycling required. On the plus side Scott Naturals TP is still the same great product! 

Looked I tossed the tubes too and you can too. You can checkout the hashtags #Sponsored #TosstheTube & #SimplyScottSquad on social media websites.

I received these through Crowdtap Sample and Sample for testing. All opinions are my own. 

Mary Kay's Clear Proof Ance System Review

My teenage son tested the Mary Kay's Clear Proof Acne System.
It said he really liked the Clear Proof Clarifying Gel. He liked that it really cleaned his skin and made it look and feel better.
It did dry out his skin a bit in the beginning but after the first week it wasn't drying his skin out.
It was easy to use this four product  system and each product worked better when used altogether.

Above is my sons before and after pictures. You can see in the before picture he has acne on all over his face and his skin is red. The after picture his skin isn't red and he hardly has any acne. I think his complexion looks awesome. 

Clarifying Gel

Blemish Control Toner

Oil Free Moisturizer 

Acne Treatment Gel

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday of Surprises Weeks 4, 5 and 6 Giveaways

Holiday of Surprises Weeks 4, 5 and 6 Giveaways
 Holiday Contest and Sweeps

Along With

Welcomes You To The

Holiday Of Surprises Giveaway Event Week 
4, 5, and 6

1 Grand Prize Winner for each Week
Giveaway Event:

 Prizes: (Click on the link to see the Prize Package)

Click Here To See Holiday of Surprises Week 4

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all three winners.

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12:00 AM (EST) 12/12/14.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Love for Influenster

I Love Freebies & Influenster!

I have been an Influenster for several years but only the last year been engaging in the activities. I see I have missed out on many great voxboxes. 
I have been in several voxbox campaigns and when my box arrives I'm like a kid on christmas morning so Excited to open that bright color box and see all the goodies inside lol.
I really love that Influenster gives you some full size products. I believe with some products they need to be to full size in order to fully test to give a better opinion and review.

 My favorite was the #modavoxbox. It contained Puffs tissues, three Rimmel makeup products, Resource Spring Water, Jergens lotion, Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa, two coupons and Hair Food. 

Almost all these product I use daily.
 I didn't know that Puffs had a new softpack design. What a great idea this softpack fits into spaces better and its easier to #passthepuffs.
 I get to learn about new and improved products through Influenster give my opinions and read what others are saying.
There are so many wonderful brands  that I don't get to buy this is a great way to try them for free. 
Voxboxes can be filled with beauty, fashion, foods, lifestyle and entertainment products. There is something for everyone to love. 
The pictures below are some products my teenage son and I  love. The  Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne system is what my son is happy about.

There are ways to earn voxbox badges, brand badges and vox perks that can get you a spot into new voxboxes and win you brand products.
 I Love doing these tasks getting my badges and trying to win contests. 
Some tasks ask you to post on your social media Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I take lots of pictures which is my favorite task. I like to let my creativity flow through my pictures. I make new friends and gain many followers that love my Influenster posts.

My family, friends and co-workers love that I share my opinions and free samples with them. They call me the "Freebie Lady".
I have downloaded the new Influenster app on my iPad. I must say I love it!
The new app makes it easier to browse, discover, review and search for products. I love that the layout is user friendly. 
Influenster is absolutely amazing!!
 I'm so happy to be an Influenster and you can be too.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

ReFresh with Resource Spring Water

Resource is 100% Natural Spring Water that has  a clean and crisp taste
with naturally occurring electrolytes for that refreshing taste. 

I enjoyed my free sample and refreshed before during and after my hike.

Their bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic. 
Its water thats good for you and the bottle that is good for our environment. Thats a win win!

You can have Resource Spring Water delivered to you at home or business. Free delivery & save up to 50% on your first order. You can click into this link Resource Spring Water & checkout the hashtag #refreshwithresource

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

Influenster #ModaVoxBox Review

                      What a great VoxBox from Influenster.
 In the #ModaVoxBox I received eight products to test and review and talk about through my social media. 

                                  Puffs SoftPack
I didn't know that Puffs had a Softpack design until I received my #ModaVoxBox. I thought wow what an awesome idea this is. When I'm sick and laying down this Softpack will be great compare to the cardboard boxes. I can cuddle up with Puffs Softpack and have the softest tissues and tissue package. This Softpack also comes in three design to fit your style.
Checkout the hashtag #PassthePuffs

       Jergens Ultra Healing

I used this Jergens Ultra Healing Moisture to see if the #1WeekToGorgeous (hashtag you can checkout) challenge would really heal my hands. My hands are starting to show their age slowly and with winter here my hands get drier. After taking this challenge  my skin looks healthier and they feel so much softer. The moisturizer was easy to rub into skin has a light scent and the right consistency. It locked in the moisture which helped heal my hands. 
It contains illuminating Hydralucence blend and vitamin C, E and B5

                              Resource Spring Water
I was pleasantly surprised by the Clean and Crisp taste of  Resource Spring Water.
 This product contains Natural Electroltes for taste and has 0 calories. Resource is a great way for me to refresh my body after activities. 
I'm happy that the bottle is made with 50% recycled plastic. Hashtag is #refreshwithresource

                         Hair Food
What a great name for this beauty product Hair Food. My hair was soft, smooth and manageable after just one use.
I left in after shampooing for about 10 minutes and rinsed it. I noticed how my hair was easier to comb through no tangles. It moisturized my hair and left a sweet scent. Hair Food is infused with honey and apricot fragrance. You can find this at Target. This will be my weekly product. 
Hashtag #HairFood and #Target

                                Rimmel London Makeup Products
 Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara has a  unique broken heart shaped brush that can get into those corners and make your eyes pop. It does what it claims. It amplified and gave my lashes volume without the clumping left behind. #Rockinit & #Rimmel

Moisture Renew Lipstick I received was  Berry Rose. This shade is HOT! When applying it went on smoothly and lasted most of my work day. I noticed when people spoke to me their eyes were attracted to my lips. 

Moisture Renew Lip Liner  I really must say I wasn't real impressed with it. Its a clear lip liner that helps define your lips and prevents colour from feathering. I'm really not sure how well it worked I did apply it before my lipstick but really didn't notice a big difference through the day. 

                 Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa
There is nothing better than a Hot cup of Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa  made with hot milk. Its so rich and chocolatey. There isn't a better tasting cocoa out there. It come is two flavors Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. I received a package of the Milk Chocolate that really has a delicious flavor. #SwissMissSimplyCocoa 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

Friday, November 14, 2014

Folger Flavors Coffee Enhancer Review

Have you heard about Folgers Flavor Coffee Enhancers? 
Its new you can add flavor to your favorite roasts at home or on the go. 
They come in four different flavors Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha and Hazelnut.  I have tried them all my favorite is Vanilla. You just add one squeeze or to your taste. 
I always have my coffee with vanilla creamer and when I got this to try I added some with my vanilla creamer and it really enhanced my coffee it wasn't over intense. 
On Friday mornings at work we have coffee and donuts. So I  put out the Folgers Flavor Enhancers for my co-workers to  try and get their opinions. 

Cathy tried the Vanilla and liked it. As for Terry he went for the Hazelnut flavor Terry said " it was a bit sweet but he did like the flavor. 

I was selected to sample and share through Crowdtap for my opinions. You can sign up to be a Crowdtapper and apply for sample and shares. To learn what other Crowdtappers are saying about Folgers Flavor Enhancer check out the hashtag #FolgersFans on Instagram, Facebook and or Twitter

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Of Surprises Giveaway Event Week #3

Holiday Of Surprises Giveaway Event Week #3

Welcomes You To The

Holiday Of Surprises Giveaway Event Week # 3

1 Grand Prize Winner


Ergo Chef Cutlery

Crimson G10 6" Santoku Knife

 This Ergo Chef CRIMSON 6" Santoku Knife features our patented design for proven comfort and less strain. The handles is custom crafted from G10 fiberglass composite material for superior durability that surpasses all other plastic composites. The blade is designed with hollow grounds for less stick and smooth cuts with a precision ground & polished blade. Slice & chop all your vegetables and fruit with ease and less effort.

Read My Ergo Chef Products Review By Clicking Here

Viatek Consumer Products
Smart Touch Can Opener

mart Touch is the easiest way to open a can, bottle and jar without any mess. Just place on the can, touch the button and away it goes! Manual can openers require twisting and turning, and are almost impossible for people with arthritis and joint pain. With the Smart Touch, twist off even the toughest bottle caps effortlessly, plus the unique handle design gives you all the leverage you’ll need.

Smart Touch opens cans of all sizes and shapes without leaving sharp edges like ordinary can openers. The uniquely designed blade clamps down on the lid from the side, leaving behind a smooth, dull surface. And with its strong magnetic contact point, the lid never falls into the can.

Smart Touch fits easily in any drawer, saving counter space. Plus, it’s easy to clean with its detachable, dishwasher safe blade.

Eat Smart

EatSmart Precision Pro Food Thermometer

The Precision Pro Food Thermometer allows users to easily grill or roast food to just the right temperature. Simply insert the stainless steel probe into the thickest part of the meat and in 5 seconds or less, the proprietary sensor registers an extremely accurate internal food temperature. The illuminated backlit LCD display is easy to read and the “hold” feature allows you to lock in the current temperature to ensure an accurate reading. This food thermometer comes with a built-in temperature guide right on the casing, so you will always know when your meat is cooked to a safe, proper temperature.
EatSmart InstaRead Technology - Measurements in 5 econds or Less!
Temperature Range -40F - 450F.
Resolution of .1 degree F
Easy to read LCD display with illuminated blue backlight
3" probe with 1.5mm step downtip and splash-proof design
Measurement Modes: Fahrenheit / Celsius
Hold Feature - Lock in temperature for safe reading
Splash-proof design
FDA and NSF Certified
Auto Calibrated; Runs on 1 CR2032 battery (included)

QMT Windchimes

 Arias Elite 35" Windchime

Like the slightly smaller 30" chime, this chime is ideally sized for various settings. It is small enough to contribute to the overall theme on a patio or balcony, yet large enough to draw the eye in a vaster garden setting. It can comfortably withstand the weather of any season with a look that is both rustic and elegant.

Overall Length (Inches): 35"
Number of Tubes: 6
Hand-Tuned to Scale: E
Length of Longest Tube (inches): 18 1/2"
Weight: 4.00 lbs
Brand: Arias Elite

Click Here To Read The Full Arias Elite 2014 Review

New Christmas Inflatable......Sitting Santa Inflatable. Versatile Cute and Adorable Sitting Santa Christmas Inflatable. Great for indoor or outdoor use. This three foot Santa is great for indoor plant nurseries, home or office Christmas parties, bowling allies, trade shows, recreation centers, and many other indoor our outdoor locations.

    Comes with a small, but powerful blower to inflate the Air blown and keep it inflated.
    Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.
    Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.
    Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included.

       Dei Fratelli Holiday Gift Pack
       Assortment of Six Dei Fratelli Products

      Assortment of 4 Uniquely Greek Cheese Spreads

      Fire Roasted Red Pepper
      Simply Spinach
      Spicy Buffalo
      Imported Kalamata Olive

      They use only the finest all-natural ingredients in our feta cheese spreads. From delicious sandwich and hamburger toppers to healthy cheese recipes, you’re gonna love the flavor. Try us ... we'll be a hit at your next party


      49 episodes of holiday-themed programming from some of your favorite classic television shows. You'll truly enjoy the holidays with the likes of Jack Benny, Liberace, Bob Cummings, Betty White, Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, Raymond Burr and many others. Sit back and relax with the family while you watch such classic shows as The Adventures of Long John Silver, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Red Skelton Show, Dragnet, Sherlock Holmes and Racket Squad. Celebrate the season with you favorite television stars and shows!

       4-Movie Holiday: Christmas is Here Again/George and the Christmas Star/The City That Forgot About Christmas/The Snow Queen

      This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated, or associated with
      Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. This
      Giveaway is valid in the Continental United States Only and Entrants
      must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM
      (EST) 11/28

      Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any for of compensation for
      this giveaway in any form. Each of the above named sponsors will be solely
      responsible for awarding and shipping of each prize directly to the winner.
      a Rafflecopter giveaway