Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week #7

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week #7
Along With

Proudly Brings you Week #7 of Holiday Surprises Giveaways

Grand Prize Package:
1 - Ryobi 40 volt Lithium Cordless Blower
1 - Ergo Chef Prodigy 5 Piece Knife Set
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Silver
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Gold

Second & Third Place:
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Silver
1- LED Beaded Glass Tree - 3 Piece Tiered Set  Gold

RYOBI takes Cordless to the next level with the 40-Volt Lithium-ion Blower. With a 40-Volt battery pack, this blower delivers longer run-time, fade-free power and quick charging. Specially engineered for hard surfaces and smaller yards, this blower features a variable speed trigger for adjustable power and a quick charger that does the job in less than 2 hours so you’re always just one charge away from a perfectly tidy outdoor living space. All backed by a 3 year warranty, there’s never been a better time to consider Cordless.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out this Ryobi Blower and it performance 
was outstanding. The power behind the lithium-ion battery performed better
than the old electric blower that I own. The light weight of the blower minus having
to worry about pulling a extension cord behind you was much easier on my back. It
usually took me around a hour and a half to completely take care of my entire yard
but with the Ryobi Cordless Blower I was done in less than a hour without even stopping
to recharge the battery. When I was finished with my yard my neighbor was amazed
with this cordless blower and asked if  he could use it on his front yard, I told him I wasn't
sure how much more the battery could go since I had just cleaned up my entire front and
back yard. Well to our amazement, the Ryobi Cordless Blower powered through his stack
of leaves and twigs that had collected in his yard with no problem what so ever.

The variable speed trigger made cleaning up a ease by being able to have more power
available at your finger tips if necessary, while using less for those area's that didn't
need as much power to clear. Before when I would use my old electric blower my
wrist would ache for hours after the stress the handle would put on them. This wasn't
the case with the Ryobi, since the handle is ergonomically designed for easy one handed
operation. One great feature is that the nozzle is tapered making it easy to remove those
stubborn areas that a normal blower was just leave. I give this blower 5 stars and plan
to buy both my sons one for Christmas for their homes.

This Prodigy Series Commercial 5 piece was designed for the professional
and home cook who shop for the exceptional value and want a reliable
knife set without spending a bundle. Designed for ergonomic comfort and
precision. The blades are crafted from high carbon stainless steel and have
a 18 degree cutting edge so that they can slice, chop or carve up any food
product that you need. The handles are seamlessly molded to prevent bacteria
issues and provide a non slip grip for precise control and safety. This knife set
includes the following: 8" Chef knife, 8" Bread knife (Offset), 7" Santuko knife,
6" Boning knife, and a 4" Paring knife. Enjoy preparing meals with the Prodigy Series.

I have had the pleasure of using this knife set and I can truthfully tell you it is made
of quality material and expertly designed. After suffering from Carpal Tunnel in my
wrist for years I always dreaded the thought of preparing meals due to the pain I
would have in my wrist afterwards from using our old store bought knife set that
had a hard time slicing butter more less meats. The first time I used these, I  went
over to our drawer and took out our old knifes and threw them away. With this set
of knifes it is now a pleasure preparing a meal for my family. Chopping up vegetables
with the 7" Santuko knife takes no time at all and the best part is I have no pain in
my wrist now due to the Prodigy's ergonomic designed handles. I give this set 5 Stars
any day of the week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The AquaNotes Giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Proudly Brings You The AquaNotes Giveaway

Have you ever been in the shower and have a idea pop into your head,
and then forget about it before you get dry? Well I have the solution that
will save your brilliant idea from being a past thought. AquaNotes is a cool
product that allows you to write down those thoughts right in the shower. It's
waterproof capabilities prevent another idea to go down the drain.
AquaNotes® are made of waterproof paper that is totally recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Each pencil is water resistant and is made with Incense Cedar wood, a responsibly harvested renewable resource meeting stringent environmental requirements. Even the ink used to print the logo and company information on the notepad is soy based.
The product is designed to withstand exposure to wet environments. Water simply beads up and rolls off AquaNotes. Each 3.5 by 5.25 inch pad has 40 sheets of paper and each sheet is perforated for easy removal. AquaNotes easily and quickly attaches to any smooth surface with two suction cups that are secured with a stem-based cap. Pencils are secured with a suction cup pencil holder that provides convenient access whenever the need arises to write down an idea while you’re in the shower.

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy this product along with
knowing that no more shower thoughts will be forgotten. With Aquanotes
 suction pad, it allows you to stick both the pencil and the pad to your
shower wall for easy access. It's unique design makes it simple to put
your thoughts to pad. 

Let's meet this inventor of Aquanotes himself, Mark

"The idea for waterproof notepads came from a Shower Thinker who always generated his best ideas and insights in the tranquility and solitude of a nice warm shower.

He began keeping a standard notepad and pencil outside his shower door to capture those ideas. Invariably, they ended up soggy, torn, and oftentimes illegible before he could get them back to his office. He experimented with a variety of waterproof writing apparatuses before his idea evolved into AquaNotes®….a waterproof note pad with paper that could easily be removed from the pad and taken with him to the office or on an errand.

The development of AquaNotes® made this Shower Thinker’s life more complete. But, after marrying, a new necessity arose…the need to have a special water-proof notepad on which to leave love notes in the shower for his wonderful bride. That’s when Aqua LoveNotes®was created."

This fun waterproof pad is not only handy in the shower, it is also great to place
above your kitchen or bathroom sinks. If your like me it seems my best ideas
always seem to come when there is no pencil or paper to write them down. I
received some samples of these amazing pads to review and I can tell you I easily
give them 5 stars. After looking these over I had placed one above the kitchen
sink and didn't tell my wife it was waterproof. She simply thought it was just another
sticky note pad. Well she came home and eventually made it into the kitchen and
seen the pad, she asked if she could jot something down and I told her sure. After
she had finished with her thoughts I walked into the kitchen and removed the pad
from the wall. She had filled the sink with water so I took advantage of this and
dropped the pad into the sink. She immediately stated the her note was ruined
that she had just wrote on the pad. I reached down and picked up the pad and showed
her that her remarks were perfectly fine with Aquanotes.

AquaNotes also comes in different styles such as Aqua LoveNotes, Aqua Fun Notes-
Word Search and Aqua Fun Notes-Maze. Refills can simply be ordered by visiting the
AquaNotes Website.

This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States Only.
Entrants Must be 18+ This giveaway will end on 12:00 AM (EST) 12/10.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated with Facebook

Holiday Contest and Sweeps  received a copy of this product for
review purposes in this giveaway. Winners will have 48 hours to reply to
the prize notification email, failure to reply in that time frame will
result in another winner to be drawn.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have a Very Merry Viatek Christmas Giveaway

Have a Very Merry Viatek Christmas!

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Presents to you
"Have a Very Merry Viatek Christmas 

Viatek Consumer Products would like to make Christmas
a little merrier this year with a chance to win some of their
new and exciting products. Viatek brings consumers amazing
deals on new and exciting products every day.

Grand Prize Package:
1 - Fruiti Freeze Machines
1 - Smart Touch Can Opener
1 - Orbie Ice Molds

Second & Third Place Prizes:
1 - Smart Touch Can Opener
1 - Orbie Ice Molds

"Beat The Holiday Pounds With Fruiti Freeze"

Fruiti Freeze instantly churns frozen fruits and other toppings into a healthy soft serve treat. Works great on all frozen fruits including berries, mangoes, cantaloupes, bananas, peaches, and more. Enjoy soft serve-like treats anytime of the day with this revolutionary new machine. 

Additional Features: 
  • Instantly create soft serve treats from frozen fruits
  • Treats are ready in just minutes
  • Easy to make, easy to clean
  • All natural and dairy-free

Smart Touch Can Opener

Smart Touch is the easiest way to open a can, bottle, and jar without any mess. Just place on the can, touch the button and away it goes! Manual can openers require twisting and turning, and are almost impossible for people with arthritis and joint pain. With the Smart Touch, twist off even the toughest bottle caps effortlessly, plus the unique handle design gives you all the leverage you'll need.

Let's Watch it in Action

Smart Touch opens cans of all sizes and shapes without leaving sharp edges like ordinary can openers. The uniquely designed blade clamps down on the lid from the side, leaving behind a smooth, dull surface. And with its strong magnetic contact point, the lid never falls into the can.

Smart Touch fits easily into any drawer, saving counter space. Plus, it's easy to clean with its detachable, dishwasher safe blade. 

Orbie Ice Molds

Create perfect orbs of ice with Orbie Silicone Ice Molds! Orbie Ice Orbs have less surface area than your regular ice cubes, reducing the amount beverages are diluted. You can also freeze all types of liquids and other solid ingredients into the ice orbs creating a beautiful, flavorful sphere of ice. These elegant ice orbs are not only perfect for impressive party drinks, but for everyday use as well. 

Thanks to our great Sponsor Viatek!

A Very Merry Christmas to All!

This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States Only.
Entrants Must be 18+ This giveaway will end on 12:00 AM (EST) 12/15.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated with Facebook

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any compensation for
this giveaway in any form. Winners will have 48 hours to reply to
the prize notification email, failure to reply in that time frame will
result in another winner to be drawn.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week #6

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week #6
Along With

Proudly Brings you Holiday of  Surprises Giveaway Week # 6

Grand Prize Package:


New Ergo Chef Crimson G10 Knife Set
This CRIMSON SERIES 7pc. set includes the following items: 8" Chef knife8" Offset Serrated Bread Knife8" Carving Knife7" Nakiri Knife6" Santoku Knife6" Utility Knife, & a 3.5" Paring knife. Enhance the beauty of your kitchen with the wood grain look of the durable G10 handles crafted with a polished full tang and 3 rivet handle. The precision engineered blades are ground to perfection with super sharp 18 degree cutting edges for easily slicing through all your foods. Enjoy cooking and prepping food with ease and in style with this Ergo Chef CRIMSON SERIES knife set. Reserve your set today. These will ship out by the end of November!

Once again Ergo Chef has knocked the ball out of the park with this
masterfully designed knife set. The wood grain handle look will make you
do a double take, thinking that they are real wood. The engineered design
once again gives great support to your wrist while preparing your meals or
simply slicing or dicing fruits or vegetables. Your kitchen will defiantly be the
talk of the town with this amazing knife set in it.

As a Special Offer to the Holiday of Surprises Readers
Ergo Chef is giving you a 20% Discount at the Checkout
is you use Discount Code "holiday20"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jill Kirsh Color - Makeup and Hair Color in Fashion Review

   I want to thank Jill Kirsh Color  for having a twitter giveaway that I won.

This was the prize package & its showing one side of the color palette

 I received a color palette that helps me choose the best colors to wear with my the color of my hair.
What a great idea. You can go to her blog page to see what colors would look best on you by picking out your hair color.

Its small and compacted  that I keep in my pocketbook so when I'm out clothes shopping I can use it.

This is the other side of color palette

I received this brown mineral makeup palette which I really like.

Also this brownish lip gloss.
If you want to learn more about her product I made her twitter  & blog page clickable above first picture.

I was not asked to do this review.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Dreams Come True With Ryobi Special Giveaway Event

Holiday Dreams Come True With Ryobi 
Special Giveaway Event

Holiday Contest and Sweeps

with the help of a group of amazing blogs shown
below, brings you this terrific event just in time for
Christmas. One lucky winner will get the present
that they will use all year long.

Proudly Brings You
"Holiday Dreams Come True With Ryobi"

One Grand Prize Winner Will Get a 

 Ryobi 18 volt  6-Piece Lithium-Ion
Ultimate Combo Tool Set

Holiday Contest and Sweeps has been given the honor to review
this amazing tool set. I had several projects around the house that
needed to be completed and my wife is glad to say they now have been 
finished.By using the Ryobi 18 Volt Cordless set of tools I was gladly able
to put away the extensions cords that were required for all my power
tools used in these jobs. The one factor that I loved the best in using this
cordless set was that the batteries are inter-changeable and with the
Dual Chemistry Charger, they took no time at all to re-charge. 

In addition to the tool set, another great feature from Ryobi is that you
can join there Ryobi Nation for free.  This is a community where you can share your projects, get some DIY inspiration, enter your projects to monthly challenges (where the prizes are awesome tools!) and receive exclusive discounts and alerts to new products and upcoming promotions! 

You will find a entry on the rafflecopter form below in which you can join
the Ryobi Nation today!

Let's take a better look at the Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Ultimate Combo Tool Set  below before
you enter this wonderful giveaway opportunity.

 This kit is powered by new lithium-ion batteries, the very best value in lithium-ion performance. They offer up to 20% more run time, hold a charge 4X longer and are 45% lighter weight than Ni-Cd batteries. Batteries stored on the IntelliPort™ charger are conditioned for peak performance. The drill includes a 1/2 inch heavy-duty single sleeve, key less chuck with a 24 position clutch to match your drilling and driving needs. The reciprocating saw is great for demolition and general cutting of a variety of material. The circular saw has a 5-1/2 inch, carbide tipped blade to rip through 2-by material and sheet goods. The work light has a swivel head that directs light where needed.

For anyone that loves power tools, this combo set will defiantly
be on their Christmas Wish List.  Let's take a closer look at
each of these quality built power tools that are included in this set.

P506 5 1/2 CIRCULAR SAW w/Laser
ONE+™ delivers more value and performance with this new circular saw. It has a compact design for better handling and left side blade for better cut line visibility. It is equipped with an Exactline™ laser that automatically activates during use to improve cut accuracy. It features the new and improved GripZone™ overmold for optimum grip and comfort. This saw can make bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees and its electric brake quickly stops the blade for enhanced safety. 
This Ryobi Circular is the only circular I will use from now on. I used it on a project I had
it easily cut through 1/2" plywood with no hesitation. The laser marker made cutting a
straight cut much more easier, elimination the need for making marks on the wood. It
also had very little drain on the lithium battery.

Like all ONE+ items, this saw works with any 18V ONE+ battery. Upgrade to lithium-ion batteries for lighter weight and more performance.

P208B Drill With Screwdriver Bit

This drill is compact and powerful enough to handle any job on your project list. It features the exclusive MagTray®, which is perfect for holding bits and screws to maximize productivity on the job site. The integrated LED light gives extra flexibility when working in low-light situations. The new and improved Grip Zone™ over-mold provides optimum grip and user comfort.

Not many drills have impressed me as much as the Ryobi P208, It is lightweight and made

very durable. The integrated lighted saved me from having to hold a drill in one hand and
trying to maneuver a flashlight in another. It saves you time and provides access to any
place you need to get to. There is now no need for stretching extensions cords all over the


  • Compact design fits into small spaces, ideal for hard to reach areas
  • Powerful motor with the same torque and performance of a full sized drill
  • LED light illuminates work surfaces for increased visibility
  • MagTray® magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits
  • 1/2 in. single-sleeve, key-less chuck with automatic spindle lock for easy bit changes
  • On-board bit storage for convenience
  • 24 position clutch and 2-speed gear box to match your drilling and driving needs
  • Top-mounted bubble level for drilling and driving accuracy
  • New and improved Grip Zone™ over-mold for optimum grip and user comfort

P514 Reciprocating Saw
ONE+™ delivers more productivity and better ergonomics for more control. The combination of the unique Anti-Vibe handle, which reduces fatigue during prolonged use and new and improved GripZone overmold for optimum grip and user comfort make this saw a must-have tool for any size job. 

The adjustable, pivoting shoe allows greater depth control and more efficient use of the blade by moving to a less worn section. 

The variable speed trigger adds to the tool’s control with slow starts to line up the best cut and an electronic brake to stop the cutting quickly. It makes your job faster with up to 3,100 strokes per minute and a tool less blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes. 

This saw is simply amazing, it cuts through wood like your were cutting through butter
with a knife. Unlike other reciprocating saws that leave your hands numb from the
vibrations, this saw is smooth and gets the job done. I used this saw for over a hour 
before having to place it on the charger. Defiantly a nice addition to my power tools.

Ryobi P236 Impact Driver
Impact drivers are the fastest growing power tool category because they make work so much easier. ONE+™ delivers more innovation, features and power to impact drivers than ever. The variable speed trigger assists in screw start up, allowing the unique impact mechanism to drive the longest deck screws or largest lag screws with ease by delivering more than 1600 in lbs of torque. It is over 33% faster and more powerful than the previous model and incorporates the Tri-Beam LED lights to eliminate shadows on bits and fasteners in the darkest work areas.

When it is time get things done, just take the bit from the convenient on-board storage and place it in the Auto-load chuck. Nothing could be easier for fast, one handed bit changes. Use the EXCLUSIVE MagTray™ magnetic holder to keep screws and bits in easy reach. Add to that the new and improved GripZone™ overmold for optimum grip and user comfort to equal a pro featured tool with performance to match.

I used this Impact Driver on a project in my basement and I was amazed in the ease
it sank 2.5" construction screws in the old ceiling joist. The power that the 18 volt lithium-ion
provides is plenty for any household project that you will come across. Defiantly a big improvement from my old power driver.


Ryobi JobPlus delivers more innovation and versatility than any other 18-Volt multi-tool on the market. It includes a multi-tool attachment head that cuts drywall, metal, wood, plastic, composite and many other materials; it also sands the finest details. Use multi-tool accessories from the most popular brands with the included universal adapter, which stores on-board for convenient use. The JobPlus base is compatible with the RIGID Job Max interchangeable tool head system. Like all One+ items, JobPlus works with all 18-Volt One+ batteries. Batteries and chargers sold separately. Comes with  a Segment Saw blade, Sanding
pad, 5 pieces of Sandpaper. Allen Wrench and Multi-tool Accessory Adapter.

The Multi Tool is probably my favorite tool of the entire set. It eliminates the need 
to keep changing tools or not being able to fit into certain tight places. It's ability to
sand surfaces is a great feature to have.  I had put off a job that I had planned in
putting a new electrical access into our bedroom wall but dreaded having to mess
with cutting through the dry wall. The multi tool attachment head cut it out perfectly
with no problems at all.

  • Compact tool head fits into tight spaces
  • LED light brightens work area
  • Multiple position tool-head adds handling versatility
  • Universal adapter stores on-board and allows use of popular multi-tool accessories
  • New and improved grip zone over-mold for maximum user comfort
  • MagTray magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits

Ryobi P117 Dual Chemistry Charger

ONE+™ delivers more value and performance with the smartest charger on the market. It charges all 18V ONE+ batteries in 1 hour or less. The charger has RYOBI patented IntelliPort™ Technology, which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life, and conserves energy so well it earned an ENERGY STAR® logo. The diagnostic read-out provides charging status and even lets you know if the battery is too hot or cold to charge.

The One + charges the batteries incredibly fast. Within placing a fully drained
battery in the charger, your good to go within 30 minutes with full charge. It
gives you a charger that will enable you to work all day long if needed.

2 - Ryobi P107 18V One+ Compact Lithium-ion Batteries
RYOBI® 18V ONE+™ System introduces the next generation in lithium-ion performance. LITHIUM+™ batteries improve the performance of RYOBI 18V ONE+ power tools beyond simply extending the run time. This compact battery improves the performance of Ryobi 18V ONE+ tools by increasing torque up to 15%. They provide up to 35% more run time, hold a charge 4X longer and are 45% lighter weight than Ni-Cd batteries. LITHIUM+ batteries have extreme weather performance to continue work in harsh conditions and an on-board fuel gauge to “Check Your Charge”™ before the work begins. LITHIUM+ batteries provide fade-free power for maximum performance throughout the charge. Best of all, like all 18V ONE+ batteries, LITHIUM+ batteries work with every Ryobi 18V tool ever made.

P704 Flashlight
ONE+™ delivers more performance and versatility with this new work light. Its multi-functional design is capable of sitting flat on the battery, on its end or hanging from a nail, screw or hook. It’s 30% brighter than the previous model and has a rotating head to direct the light where needed to help get the job done faster and more conveniently. 

Like all ONE+ items, this work light works with any 18V ONE+ battery. Upgrade to lithium-ion batteries for lighter weight and more performance.

Ryobi Power Tool Bag

Let's Take a Look At The Tools in Action

A Big Thank to Ryobi Power Tools
for sponsoring this giveaway!

Let's Meet our amazing group of blogs that joined together
to bring you this great giveaway

This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST) December 2, 2013
and is valid in the United States and Canada

This Giveaway is in no way associated, affiliated, or endorsed
with Facebook.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps was compensated in the form of a
set of the tools for review purposes. Ryobi will be responsible
for awarding and shipping the tools direct to the winner. The
winner will have 48 hours to reply to the prize notification email,
failure to do so will result in another winner to be chosen


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