Friday, December 26, 2014

Poise Review

LBL stands for Light Bladder Leakage. 
Poise is here to help us Ladies who have this condition and be able to do the things we love without the worries of LBL.

Did you know that leaks can be triggered by laughing and sneezing as well as movements like exercising and dancing?
I know all to well after having my children how  LBL can make you feel. Before I sneezed I would have to cross my legs to stop the LBL at times I wasn't fast enough.

Poise makes me confident when I'm doing the things I love.
 These Microliners are so thin but yet so absorbent. You feel as if you are wearing nothing at all and yet you are. They do stay in place with all kinds of movements.

The feature of these liners are SAM (Super Absorbent Material) that help you stay dry all day and it neutralize ordor better then your period liners. 

I received the Poise Sample & Shares through Crowdtap for testing and my own opinions. 
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NESCAFÉ with Coffee-mate Review

I got in on a test product with Nescafe Coffee Mate 2 in 1 Coffee and Creamer. What a neat idea! 
What I received in my box was a full size bottle of Nescafe French Vanilla Coffee and three coupons for three full size Nescafe with Coffee-mate.

 Instead of giving out the coupons I went to my local supermarket and used the coupons and had to pay extra because where I live products are priced higher. I bought the Original, Hazelnut and French Vanilla. 
I gave them to three co-workers to try.

The feedback I received from my co-workers was awesome. All three loved the Nescafe with Coffee-mate. Terry's wife also tried the Nescafe with Coffee-mate Hazelnut flavor and she was sold. Its the best coffee she said ever. She went out and purchased a few bottles after tasting the sample I gave her husband Terry.

Cathy liked the taste of her Nescafe with Coffee-mate French Vanilla she said " she loves to add a teaspoon to her coffee and hot chocolate for added flavor. 

Nancy tried the Original flavor and she loves it and made a switch from her everyday coffee. 

This coffee is easy to make you put 2 teaspoons into your cup and add hot water stir and its done. I must say I'm also loving the Nescafe with coffee-mate the taste is perfect not too sweet nor to strong. It has a smooth flavor right down to the last sip.

I received these Free Samples for testing and giving my own opinions through Smile360
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