Thursday, May 21, 2015

Snuggle Fresh Spring Flower Review

There is nothing better than  taking your clothes from the closet and having a clean scent still lingering on them.

I had the chance to test and review Snuggle Fresh Spring Flower Dryer Sheets.  I received a box of 40 sheets that claims to have 30 days of freshness.

I love this scent its fresh and refreshing. Like walking through a flower garden. 
Snuggle left my clothes feeling soft and static free. The scent on my clothes last a long time but I haven't had this product for a full 30 days yet.
The box is so adorable the pink and blues and Snuggle Bear. It let's you know that your clothes will be fresh and soft.

I love this product and will buy and recommend the New Snuggle Fresh Spring Flower scent dryer sheets to my family and friends.

All opinions are my own and I received this product from Snuggle Bear Den