Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Just recently I saw a tweet calling all bloggers to enter their Jurlique giveaway. Being curious I clicked into the link and read about all the Jurlique's products. I haven't ever heard of these products before seeing the tweet.
 I really loved what I read in the first paragraph which was that their product packaging is 95 percent recyclable that’s a plus in my book!
I came across one product that got my full attention it is the Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. I carry hand lotion and hand sanitizer in my pocket book. I use them daily and the sanitizer does dry out my hands so I need to apply lotion to moisturize my skin. Well the Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer does it all! How great is that?! It eliminates 99 percent of bacteria just seconds plus has natural ingredients. Safflower oleosome technology ensures that hands are left soft and well moisturized after disinfecting.
I haven't tried this product but I have to say I really love to.
Here is where you can find more information about Jurlique products.  Jurlique in the Birchbox Shop

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  1. It’s great that Jurlique has combined moisturizer and sanitizer in just one product. Well, with the innovative technology today, it is possible to create this kind of product. Moisturizing the skin and disinfecting it at the same time surely is hitting two birds with one stone. Anyway, have you tried the product already? Does it really do what it said?