Friday, April 6, 2012

"Simple" a New Line of products

I received a package of Simple products from Klout.

In my package I got to try out Simple cleaning

facial wipes and Replenishing rich moisture. The Simple products are kind to your skin so if you have sensitive skin you may want to check these products out.

They contain no perfume & no dyes.

I have tried out the Simple facial wipe and as like most women sometimes we don't really want to wash our face when we are tired at night so these facial wipes come in handy a fast way to clean your face before bed. I love them! They take off a great amount of make-up including masacra.

Also the replenishing rich moisturizer is nice its not greasy easy to apply and I think it aslo helps your make-up look even better.

I give these products two thumbs up!

You can go to their website to check out all their products.

I received my Simple package courtesy of klout

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