Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yummy Review of Herr's Reformulated Onion Rings

I have always loved Herr's regular onion ring. I came across a post on my Facebook page that stated Herr's reformulated their onion rings and redesigned the bag; for a fresh new look and taste. Okay that got my attention! I wanted to taste for myself and I did.
I received a bag of Regular Onion Rings and Hot Onion Rings.
 I need to tell you I loving the reformulated products! The Hot Onion Rings have just the right bite of heat and they taste like real fresh made onion rings as do the Regular Onion rings. As you can see the bags new look is so inviting.
I give the new reformulated products two thumbs up as do my boys. Once again Herr's out did them what a delicious product! Here is where you can find more information on Herr's products!/herrs

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