Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sia Botanics Desert Aloe & Jojoba Face Cream Review

I was invited to review Sia Botanics Desert Aloe & Jojoba Face Cream through Swaggable which is a site that gives you the chance to experience the product and write your review online.

The  Desert Aloe & Jojoba Face Cream is a powerful combination of desert botanicals that nourishes dry and parched skin at the cellular level.

 My skin at this time of year isn't dry but I do tend to get dry skin with the change of seasons. However I have used it three times already and I like the creaminess. It goes onto my skin without that heavy lotion feeling and it isn't greasy which I'm surprised by because when I squeezed some of the cream out it had a greasy oily look to it.

This is the picture of me after I have applied the  Desert Aloe & Jojoba Face Cream as you can see there isn't a greasy or shiny look to my skin.

The key ingredients are Jojoba, vitamin E, evening primrose and Aloe Vera. If you want to know more about Sia Botanics Desert Aloe & Jojoba Face Cream <- click here

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