Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fast Advil Review

Advil has always been my to go Pain and Headache reliever.
 In my world I don't have time to take a pain reliever and lay down while I wait for it to work.
 I need "Relief Now" so I can keeping going through my work day. Advil does this for me.

I got into a Sample and Share #FastAdvil solutions sampling program through Crowdtap
I received 8 Advil sampling packets that contained two tablets in each one to share with my family friends co-workers and everyone else. Also three $3.00 coupons to share. Each person said they need fast relief so they too can get on with their day without any aches or pain.

I'm a school bus driver and when I have a headache it's really hard to get through my run with all of those kids sitting behind me being very loud. I take one Advil tablet with a glass of water and within five minutes my headache and or pain is gone! Just like that! 
Fast acting Advil  Film Coated is the newest innovation with a Ion core designed to stop pain before it gets worst.

Go ahead and check out Advil social media pages at Facebook  and Twitter  To read what other Crowdtappers are saying about Advil look for the hashtag #FastAdvil and #Sponsored 
 I received my sample and share free through Crowdtap for my own opinions.