Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Years Resolution to get Fit (AGAIN)

Yes, like most people I made a new years resolution to get fit, to eat better, to be healthier for life. Over the holidays I ate whatever I wanted, didn't workout and because of that I gained about 15 lbs!
Ouch! I'm feeling so bad about myself and my eating habits and lack of get up and go.I did start eating better & doing some exercises on Jan 2nd but I wasn't really pushing myself as much I needed to.When I was at the super market I decided to pick up the new Mucsle & Fitness Hers Jan/Feb 2012 magazine. As I was reading through it I saw an article that caught my attention its called "Four weeks to Fit (again)"Okay I thought this article is for me, getting back in shape once again.So I took out all the pages for the workout and taped them up in my workout room. I took the meal plan out and went shopping.
Today is Sunday Jan 8th, I have read what workout I will be doing tomorrow (Jan 9th) made & prepared my meals for the week also wrote what times I will be eating each of the six meals which wasn't so easy to figure out for me because I'm a school bus driver and my hours are throughout the day.(My work hrs go like this 6:30am to work done at 8am back to work by 11:20am done at 12:30pm back to work at 2pm done at 4pm)Now I have to figure that some days I can workout at 4:30am & others times will be at 6pm depending on my husbands work hours we have only one car & I need it throughout the day, so that means I have to take him to work & pick him up I have two boys that I pick up whenever there sports are done and put my Mom is there also she doesn't drive so I take care of her too.
I have to tell you this isn't going to be easy for me to do but I want to be fit & not just for a few months any longer I want this for LIFE!
I will keep posting throughout the four weeks. If you want to find out more about this Four Week to Fit (again) plan or have any questions go to one of these links.

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