Sunday, January 15, 2012

UPDATE - To My New Years Resolution to get Fit (AGAIN)

Wow I can't believe it! I made it through the 1st week and I'm so proud of myself.
I haven't been working out since Oct 4 2011 what a difference it is to stop working out for such a short period of time and putting the weight back on. I'm so out of shape, this whole week had been really hard.
I get up at 4am to start my workout by 6am I'm done & showered & dressed for the day. I really like that. My workout is out of the way I have my whole day for other things.
Let me talk about the workouts I was sore after the first three days but then it got better and I started to add more weight what a powerful feeling I got knowing I can lift heavier. The workouts really get you sweating & your heart pumping.

I have also been following the daily meals it has been hard to eat all that food. I eat every 2.5 hrs to get my six meals in. I did tend to find that when it was close to 2.5 hrs I was hungry. I make some of my foods ahead of time so all I have to do is reheat it that saves me so much time as I can't be always cooking.
Most of the meals I really don't mind but the 99% fat free ground turkey its so dry its like eating rubber I don't like it.

I'm starting my 2nd week and will post more next week. I didn't give you my measurements before I started so I will give them now
weight 124.4
waist 32"
arms 11.2"
thighs 21'
body fat 30%

After my first week I'm only giving weight & fat
weight 123.3
body fat 27.8

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