Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit Review

My son took the two-week trial using Paula's Choice Clear Acne Regular Strength Kit. Its a skin care routine kit that included three products.

The first step was to use the Paula's Choice Pore Normalizing Cleanser day and night this cleans your skin of all dead skin cells and dissolves oil that can clog your pores. My son's skin is a bit oily and he tends to have break outs a lot. This does a great job of cleaning his skin.
You just splash your face with water take a small amount of cleanser and begin to face your face be sure not to get it into your eyes then rinse.

Step 1 Cleanser
Using day and night Paula's Choice Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution. This helps to reduce redness, kills bacteria and exfoliates your skin. You just take a small amount and rub into your skin and you don't rinse.
My son's acne especially around his hairline had a  lot of redness. Being in sports it made it worst all the sweat would run down his face.

Step 2 Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution
This is the last step in the kit. Paula's Choice Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. This treatment visibly reduces red marks, immediately reduces blemishes and leaves a  matte finish that can't be seen on skin. You use this take a small amount and rubbed it into affect areas and leave on you don't rinse. You may use this one to three times daily.

Step 3 Skin Clearing Treatment

Before                                 After

As you can see in his before picture around his nose area and forehead his has a lot of acne and redness.
I have to tell you this was a tough two-week trial because with most young  teenage boys they don't like to wash and especially not everyday. I had to always remind him day and night for the first week to use these products. What surprised me was the second week he didn't need to be told because he really liked that it was an easy routine and the redness from his acne started to disappear and his skin was slowly looking really good. These products didn't harm or irritate his skin in the least nor did they dry out his skin like some acne skin products do.
 The after picture he is a happier teen and showing why by holding up his Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit. 

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I'm a bzzagent and received #Free #Samples of  Paula's Choice two-week trial kits that we shared with my son's friends. Two of them said they will continue to use these products and the other two friends didn't give us feedback as of yet. 

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