Monday, June 19, 2017

Revlon Youth FX System Review

I was hand picked through Crowdtap to test and review the new Revlon Youth FX System
In my kit I received...
1 sample of Youth FX Foundation
1 sample of Youth FX Concealer
1 sample of Youth FX Forehead primer
and 1sample of Youth FX Face/Neck Primer.

The Revlon Youth FX system is geared towards more mature skin like mine. These products are to fill and blur signs of aging to help you look years younger in just seconds.
As I'm going to be 50 years old this September I have been noticing more fine lines, darker spots and aging skin. 
Who doesn't want  products to help hide those signs of aging?! I know I do.

Lets talk about the primers. I like the fill + blur primer for face and neck. It was a bit to thick and took more time to apply onto skin but felt nice and seem to give me a better canvas for foundation. It did appear to fill in my fine lines that I have around my eyes. 

As for the Forehead primer I really could do without this product for two reasons first I don't have a need for this yet my forehead has no wrinkles or deep lines between the eyes and second is that the face/neck primer worked well. 

Onto the Foundation. The shade I picked is 330 Natural Tan with a SPF20 I have more color on my face from the sun so this shade was a good match. It did give me a full coverage and looked great. It was a lot thicker than what I normally would buy in a foundation. 
I noticed that using a foundation brush wasn't a option it needed to be applied with a sponge so it didn't appear blotchy.
It did blur my dark spots and filled in my fine lines. It stayed on over 12 hours and still looked fresh.
Below is a before. My skin has a lot of dark age spots.

Before Makeup
These pics are all after I applied the Revlon Youth FX System Products. 

Taken Indoor
Taken Outside
My skin looks amazing. Its hard to tell I have dark spots!

There was one thing I disliked about the foundation it was sticky/tacky on my skin all day long. My skin felt awful. I couldn't wait to wash it off. If they could change that I would so buy this as my daily foundation.

The last product is fill + blur concealer in 04 medium. This was way to light in color to be medium. It applied smoothly but didn't give me the coverage I needed. As a matter of fact it made my dark spot stand out even more. I think I would need a  darker shade. Although the foundation did give me full coverage. 

I received these free sample to test and review for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own.

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