Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sweet N Low Sampling Review

Oh my all the ways you can use Sweet' N Low.
 I didn't know until I got into a Sample and Share through Crowdtap.
I received in my Sample kit many packets of Sweet' N Low, a purse hook, a tote bag and a Eggnog recipe card.

This time of year is a wonderful time to try Sweet' N Low in many of your favorite recipes and also to try some new ones.

I always thought of making homemade Eggnog but never got around to doing it. Thanks to this awesome Sample and Share I made Not so Naughty  eggnog with Sweet' N Low. This so easy to make and tasted really good. I will not buy store bought eggnog anymore.
I shared many of the Sweet' N Low packets with my girlfriends who couldn't make it to my party as it is a busy holiday season.
Katie said she loved the Sweet' N Low in her hot tea.
I like the taste of Sweet' N Low in my coffee and ice tea It gives it a nice flavor without all the calories of regular sugar.

I received free samples for my own opinions courtesy of Crowdtap

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