Friday, August 14, 2015

Fresh Tips Review

                 Fresh -Tips are perfect for everywhere you roam. 
I received these Fresh -Tips to review. I have never heard of them until I received these free samples. 

The peppermint flavor is the blue one and  there is a toothpick on bottom. The bubblegum flavor is pink and it doesn't have a toothpick as this flavor is recommended for kids. 

BubbleGum & Peppermint Flavor

I must say I really love them. Why you ask?
 Well throughout my day I wish I could brush my teeth but it's not easy to find a bathroom or water to do this. 
Having Fresh -Tips in my pocketbook I can take one out clean my teeth and get fresh breath all at once. 
The rubber bristles are soft on gums and enamel.No water needed.

To use rip open bag take out Fresh -Tip and brush teeth and tongue.
 It is a disposable toothbrush that has rubber bristles and Xylitol ( which is a sugar alcohol from fruits and vegetables used as a sweetener & is sugar-free) that is located just below the rubber tip.
After you brush your teeth you suck on it like a lollipop for the fresh breath. 

Dr. Debbie Luis the Co-Founder of FreshTips, a new and innovative product for people on-the-go

You can check out their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter

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